Anonymous asked:

The way you answer your questions about what you want in a relationship like kissing, hugging and all the romantic stuff it seems like you do want a relationship. It also seems like you're a romantic type of person.

I do, and I want it to be special. Yes, it’s part of being a hopeless romantic. I want everything to go as planned, and turn out just right. 

I want someone that I can hold hands with when we run across the street, someone that i can steal a quick kiss from while waiting for the streetlight to change, someone that knows I like to sing christmas songs all year long, and would enjoy getting hot chocolate and driving around to look at christmas lights. I want someone that I can talk about what books i’m reading with, as well as what music I’ve started to like. I need someone I can understand, and someone who understands me. 

All of this makes no sense, but I’m hoping to find that romantic soul mate one day. 

Anonymous asked:

Does your parents ever ask you how come you don't have a girlfriend? Or do they suspect something? They must wonder why you're not in a relationship, right? And your mother reading 50 Shades of Porno, kinky :p Love her already.

They worry constantly! I think they want more grand babies, and wish I would hurry up and provide them with another one! They are all the time trying to fix me up with girl in town. 

Yes, my mother read all three of the 50 shades books! 

Anonymous asked:

Don't take this the wrong way, but is something wrong with you in real life? You sound like a nice guy on the internet, but isn't it weird that you don't want sex and not really seeking a relationship, not to mention still living with your folks at age 23? Is that a thing in the South? I figured at 23 most guys would want to look for at least a relationship and a virgin would want to have sex, just to try it. Do you have a mole on your penis or some kind of deformation? Just curious.

No, there isn’t anything wrong with me in real life, besides normal social awkwardness! I don’t think it’s weird, it just might seem a little different to you, because it’s not what everyone else is doing. One day I’ll be in a relationship, just not today. It’s very cost effective to live at home with my folks. It’s not what everyone does, most people my age already have 4 kids, been through 2 marriages, and moved a few times around town, all while living off of government checks. I’m trying to do something a little more productive with my life and future. No I have nothing wrong with my penis, it’s very normal, much like myself. 

Anonymous asked:

Do you ever get tired of anons asking about your virginityand teasing you about your virginity, It's super rude and it sort of undermines all of the other great things you have going on. Sex is AMAZING but trust me, it ain't the end of the world. You need all of the other stuff like love and cuddles and kissing and intelligence and hobbies and great conversation. P.S., this anons so busy talking about sex, you think they'd be getting it instead of being on Tumblr harassing you. Just saying.

I don’t know. Some of the questions are a bit repetitious. But I don’t mind them, people are curious. I think it’s hilarious that people are so interested in me, I’m really actually boring.

I will say I will never be someone who sleeps around with a lot of people, especially with random people who I don’t know real well. I will have to have the cute love stuff with it too! I need similar interests, hobbies, intelligent conversations, trust, and respect all rolled into a caring person so share myself with. I have a whole list of other things I’m looking for, and I will not settle! 

Ok, way too much weird stuff was just mentioned… sorry. 

Anonymous asked:

"You have some of the shittiest followers. They bait you into taking off your clothes and then they chastise and tease you when you do. Gay men are such fickle creatures sometimes." How do you even know if they are gay men if they are Anon? Stop making assumptions. And Bait? Mr. Roy Wayne is 23, he makes his own decisions.

Um… thanks for standing up for me, or for other people who follow me. 

I do make my own decisions, and I’m sorry that I didn’t think about that last message offending someone else. 

Lets just all calm down and maybe try to sing some christmas songs or something to get us all in a better mood. 

Anonymous asked:

You think you would be into the 50 Shades of Grey sexual stuff. Wait a sec, let me take it back, you're not even into sex. And the 50 Shades of Grey sex would not be like S&M, but more like a playful tap on the ass. Maybe a wrestle, laughing pin down and a kiss. Actually, I wouldn't be into that stuff either. I'm more of a beach view and hotel room service where it's more of a comfortable one on one atmosphere. And then you know...

I have read the 1st two books of the 50 shades of grey stuff. I didn’t read the 3rd one, but my mother did. I will go see that movie when it comes out on valentine’s day! Who wants to go with me!?!?!

I don’t think I would be into that much hardcore stuff… I mean during one part he shoved some balls inside her and then made her go to a party with these balls still inside her. I mean, Do people really do that kind of weird stuff????? I can’t. 

But now the playful stuff you’re talking about does sound kind of fun… So long as we’re laughing, and we could feel the smile on each other’s faces as we kissed and held back giggles! 

Then again, beach views and room service are exactly the kind of things i need more of in my life! 

callmebrycelee asked:

TMI TUESDAY: Not Another Teen Movie Edition: 1. Ferris Bueller - Most memorable thing you've done while skipping class/school? 2. The Breakfast Club - Ever served detention? If so, what for? 3. Sixteen Candles - Anyone ever forgotten your birthday? 4. Mean Girls - Ever been bullied? 5. Grease - Most outrageous thing you have done to get the attention of someone you like? 6. Easy A - Ever been the subject of a vicious rumor? 7. Clueless - Fave high school slang word? PLEASE TAG ME!!!

Don’t judge me callmebrycelee

1. I used to skip a lot of class! I was really active in high school (marching band, HOSA, Senior Class president, Spanish Club, Spirit Club, Office worker, and just about anything else you can think of) I used all of these clubs to skip a majority of my classes in order to fulfill  respectable duties, such as running to sonic or snappy’s pizza for lunch!

2.Once when I skipped school to go get pizza with two girls, we were riding on a back road to go to a girl’s house, before returning to school. We were going a little too fast with the windows down and hit some loose gravel, and ended up sliding into a ditch. We ended up being stuck in the ditch. Then we collected ourselves, and crafted a master plan. The girl who was driving was the daughter of the town mechanic, who had a tow truck. We decided she would wait until after school and call her dad to tell him that she slid into the ditch after school, and he would come pull her out. We then called someone who had already graduated to come and drive us back to school. This plan would have worked great! Or so we though! We were going to tell our parents about it, but that night the girl who was driving called me and told me to tell my parents, because someone in a house through the woods saw the whole incident and called the cops and told them everything we did. (why the police didn’t show up to help us, I still don’t know) The next morning the school officer came and asked us if we were all wearing our seat belts. We said yes. He said he wouldn’t tell the principal and it would be out little secret. In 15 minutes the 3 of us are in the office being served detention papers for skipping class. The principal said since we were such smart kids and came back to school he didn’t want to punish us, but said he had to because it would be in local paper. When the 3 of us went to detention, the teacher who held detention knew us, and told us we could leave early! 

3.I don’t think so. My parents may have forgotten my 13th birthday. That year it was on a sunday, and we didn’t have a party, and I was upset about it. So they asked what i wanted and I thought of the craziest thing I could think of, so I asked for a cell phone, and they bought me a prepaid phone. It was super old school. 

4 I don’t think I have been, or if I have been i just ignored it. 

5.  I don’t know what would be considered crazy! Oh, when I was getting ready to graduate high school there was this cute little girl who never would give me the time of day, but I thought she was so cool, and she was a grade younger than me. So on the last day of school I had roses delivered to her at school with my name and phone number on them. She never called…. 

6. Yes!! When I was in 10th grade I was a drum major for my band along with another girl who was a year older than me. She conducted two songs, and I did the other two. She was dating the high school quarterback at the time. She and I were great friends! We sat together on the bus, and talked a lot and helped each other get dressed for competitions. Well one day before after school band rehearsal is divided to snow, in October! I had on shorts, she had a part of sweat pants and an extra pair of jeans in her car. So naturally I slipped on her size 6 American Eagle jeans. ( yes, I used to be a skinny bitch in high school!) Well word got around that I had got into her pants, and she was pregnant with my baby! Outrageous! 

7 We used to holler Hay-oh! really loud! but it didn’t mean anything, it was just annoying! We also said bitch ass a lot! 

Anonymous asked:

Hi there! Just want to ask a couple questions if you don't mind. First of all, you are SOO cute! I'm almost mad at you for it. 1. On the behalf of other horny teens on Tumblr, do you really think that they listen to the blogs that say things "get off my page if you're underage"? I know I don't. 2. Are you still a virgin? If you are, that would make you the biggest tease to minors (unfortunately like myself) who get off to big hairy men. My teachers are the reason I even think about school.

This is awkward. Just be good, and follow the rules. 

My page isn’t meant to be horrible, but some of the questions I get maybe make it a little unsafe for younger readers. 

Here is some elderly advice, don’t do anything stupid. Be safe, and don’t get into dangerous situations, this includes trying to flirt with danger. Trust me, you don’t have much figured out, I didn’t and now I know I didn’t, and understand I still don’t. 

Anonymous asked:

So first of all I find you ridiculously cute and charming. I was wondering if that snapchat is open to anyone. I could seriously use a daily dose of your adorable smile directly to my phone. Also if you are ever in the Northeast I would die to meet up and get food/coffee/whatever you were feeling. - A Big Fan

It is. (for now)

I do have a few rules about answering back. So if I open your chat and don’t respond you obviously did something I didn’t approve of. 

Anonymous asked:

You have some of the shittiest followers. They bait you into taking off your clothes and then they chastise and tease you when you do. Gay men are such fickle creatures sometimes. Like I said, we're not all like that. You do you to the fullest, you hear me? You have so much going for you and I see a bright path ahead of you. Stay true to who Roy is and I promise you will go far. Step over the trash to get to the treasure. You're a great person!

Yes Sir! 

If this is the same person who has sent me encouraging messages in the past, I want you to know I really appreciate them!